About me

Hello! I’m David Jenei, a software engineer based in Budapest. I build IoT and edge computing systems.

I joined evopro Innovation in 2016 and completed various projects as a developer in the embedded team where now I’m responsible for providing technical leadership and evolving software for the company’s edge gateways built on embedded Linux.

At evopro, I design and build connected embedded systems for various industries including transportation, manufacturing, and retail. These applications run on customized single board computers, so my tasks include board bring-up, bootloader configuration, Linux driver development and firmware integration with both Buildroot and Yocto. I also design and implement backend infrastructure for these systems in public clouds (AWS, Azure) and on-premise environments.

My primary focus in the embedded world is device security (secure boot, firmware encryption, remote attestation, HSM, TPM integration, etc.), provisioning and configuration (initial configuration, remote diagnostic, device twins), firmware update and application deployment (I’m a long time fan of using Linux containers in embedded systems).

I enjoy building not only IoT backends but other applications in public clouds and I’m already involved in the cloud transformation of various software projects on Microsoft Azure. I’m part-time operating our development server infrastructure (Linux servers, KVM virtual machines, LXC and Docker containers, CI/CD pipelines, Jupyter server, etc.) and I’m the administrator of the Azure and Office 365 subscriptions.

I graduated from the Budapest University of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and with a focus on Embedded Systems and Smart City. My enthusiasm for embedded Linux systems also began here with my thesis work. During my university years, I worked at the TV service department of a large telecommunications company where I started my professional journey with Linux servers, IPTV networks, and OTT streaming applications.

Check out my blog posts and projects to see what I’m up to.

If you would like to get in touch, send me an email.