Why I have a blog

Welcome to my blog.

Schopenhauer says when we read we effectively follow someone else’s thought process. But if we stay in read-only mode we gradually lose our own capacity for thinking (quite the opposite concept that we have seen in some hardware today).

This sounds a bit harsh, but I don’t think this means that we all should spend hours every day detailing out our novel ideas (if there is any). When I think about why I should start writing, the first thing that comes to my mind is organising knowledge. Some say that the best way to deeply understand something is to write about it. In this blog I will try to write about things that I find useful or interesting but mostly about things I want to have a better understanding of.

I recently got introduced to some indieweb principles which inspired me to create a place for myself on the internet. Owning and gardening your own site is fun, and I will definitely write more about this.

As for now, I’m not starting any blog challenge but I try to keep practicing writing regularly. Hopefully it will be useful for anybody other than myself.