Newsletter - 2024.05


Tesseract - Legion

Djent meets Muse. Exceptional vocal performance by Daniel Tompkins.


State of the Union

Before appointments with their (marriage) therapist, Tom and Louise meet at a pub to try to get their stories consistently coherent.

Fast-paced comedy hits hard with dense 10-minute episodes, even if you are unmarried.

Software engineering

-10x engineer

Give zero consideration to how your system design will evolve over time. Alternatively, drive your team obsess over architecture decisions so that they don’t have time to test their hypotheses.

+1: Build software that is impossible to change. A reminder from Philosophy of software design: Change amplification is a symptom of complexity which is that a seemingly simple change requires code modifications in many different places.

Python isinstance() function

How to avoid using isinstance().

Pkl: configuration as program

Configuration file formats lack the expressiveness of a programming language. This means we don’t have mechanisms to avoid repetetions or validate data easily.

By generating this configuration with Pkl, you can reduce verbosity and increase maintainability through reuse, templating, and abstraction.


SIL-4 RTOS ThreadX open sourced under MIT licence

Getting started with ThreadX


Work in progress: Promoting software artifacts, organising integration tests and environments.