Activities worth dedicating time in the age of artifical intelligence

Things worth spending time with:

Things AI can do or will do soon:

Where to begin

Algorithms: Lin Reg -> Log Reg -> NN -> CNN + RNN -> GANs + Transformers -> ViT -> Multimodal AI + LLMs + Diffusion + Auto Encoders SVM, PCA, kNN, k-means clustering, etc.

LightGBM, XGboost, Catboost, etc.

Optimization and optimizers.

Application-wise: Classification, Semantic Segmentation, Pose Estimation, Text Generation, Summarization, NER, Image Generation, Captioning, Sequence Generation (like music/speech), text to speech, speech to text, recommender systems, sentiment amalysis, tabular data, etc. - Source


AI alignment

Updated 01 February 2023