In publishing, a colophon is a brief statement containing information about the publication of a book such as an “imprint” (the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication). - wiki

This website

Check out the source code.

How it works

I take notes in markdown then translate this to static html with the help of:

First I translate the markdown pages to html fragments with lowdown, then I add some inlined html (navigation menu, footer, html header etc.) to the pages with make, I can list multiple markdown parts as prequisites that should be printed on the the same html page.

docs/%.html: docs/%.pre
    $(call html_envelope, $*.html, $^ )

docs/notes.html: docs/notes.pre docs/tags.pre docs/recent.pre

My metadata

As described in the lowdown manual, the syntax follows the MMD speficiation.


Hosted on a Toradex Apalis i.MX6, mainline 6.6 kernel, Debian 12. 4W consumption. I use also use a free tier arm server in Oracle cloud for TCP tunneling.

Read more about how I set up my i.mx6 to run Debian.

Planned features

But why

Why build another static website generator?

I wanted to auto generate some pages for a simple #tagging system. It’s just a good exercise. Also I prefer using the least capable tools. It’s even better, if understand what’s happening. I want this website to last.

Gnu Make in 202x?

I found Make useful as:

Read more about Make.