Digital transformation

Pillars of digital transformation

What is the incentive?

IoT is a network of Internet connected devices that communicate sensor data to the cloud for centralized processing.

Pillars of IoT architecture

Once data is collected analyze and gain meaningful, actionable insights.

Insight are uncovered from telemetry data.

What is the notion of edge computing?

Intelligent edge is the continually-expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze information close to the physical world where data resides.

Moving compute workloads to edge devices.


Business challenges:

Marketing side: what you can sell on the market

Engineering side: what you can actually do for you today

What we are witnessing today?

Hardware is getting more sophisticated at low price points… Sense of security…

Engineering goal: Connect cloud solutions to the edge, enable secure and reliable communication from hardware to cloud all the way up

Technical challenges:

keyword: deploy, manage, and scale

70% of IoT projects don't get past of the prototype phase

Use cloud IoT services: