Tips to make employees feel appreciated

Pay fair.

At the end of the day, they are trading time and effort for money. Definitely the easiest way to make them feel valued is to pay them. People don't like to hear that, so it needs to be repeated.

You can say that in this current setting you can't add anything more to that, but it is definitely at the top of the list and everyone should note that.

If you can't pay fair, at least don’t make people feel like they’re suckers for sticking around.

Listen to them.

Don't dismiss all suggestions immediately.

a. Be approachable.

In the busy call center workplace, it's important that as a leader you are considered approachable. Create an environment where your staff does not feel anxious about asking questions or bringing up concerns.

b. Be open to new ideas.

As a manager, you need to keep an open mind so you will notice when an operation can be improved.

Build trust.

Harvard Business Review conducted a study in the telco industry and analyzed what goes into leadership excellence, and trust is a major element.

a. Have strong analytical abilities.

Strong cognitive skills and analytic approach is vital leadership traits, no questions here.

b. Make decisions. And make them with confidence.

Act decisively, good leaders quickly arrive at their decisions and effectively communicating their goals. When a decision is made, a manager must have the utmost confidence in his or her problem-solving skills

c. Be honest.

The best leaders were described as providing honest, and at times even sometimes blunt, feedback. Subordinates felt they could always count on straight answers from their leader.

d. Set an example.

You set an example and express the diligence, enthusiasm and other skills that you expect from the people whom you manage

e. Recognize good work.

Give credit where credit is due.

Beat them on their own game.

This is a special skill if you also fill the role of a technical manager. You must provide technical expertise to lead any team and have them confidence in you.


Harvard Business Review - 10 traits of innovative leaders

Other - Handwritten notes

Handwritten thank you notes increase sales Give a note thanking customers for their purchase. They must be handwritten, but photocopies work just as well as originals. In experiments, they increased future customers spending 2x.

I used to live across the street from a guy who ran a drop ship style handwritten note business. Has a big warehouse full of people writing notes. He was absolutely loaded.

Humans need social interactions. With other humans, not machines.

Updated 02 January 2023