FSL community BSP

The FSL Community BSP is a community-driven project to provide and maintain Board Support Package (BSP) metadata layers for use in OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project with Freescale’s SoCs.



linux-fslc: Linux kernel based on mainline kernel used by FSL Community BSP in order to provide support for some backported features and fixes, or because it was applied in linux-next and takes some time to become part of a stable version, or because it is not applicable for upstreaming.

linux-imx: Linux Kernel provided and supported by NXP with focus on i.MX Family Reference Boards. It includes support for many IPs such as GPU, VPU and IPU.

linux-fslc-imx: Linux kernel based on NXP 4.1.15-1.2.0 GA release, used by FSL Community BSP in order to provide support for i.MX based platforms and include official Linux kernel stable updates, backported features and fixes coming from the vendors, kernel community or FSL Community itself.

linux-toradex: Linux kernel for Toradex Freescale i.MX based modules.

NXP BSP kernel


Toradex BSP

based on linux-imx toradex_4.14-2.3.x-imx



kernel - mainline

DRM_ETNAVIV - “ETNAVIV (DRM support for Vivante GPU IP cores)” - needs FIRMWARE

DRM_IMX - “DRM Support for Freescale i.MX” depends on IMX_IPUV3_CORE

DRM_IMX_HDMI - “Freescale i.MX DRM HDMI”

kernel - imx (toradex)


Updated 02 January 2023